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Blood Line (Anna Travis Mystery, #7) - Lynda La Plante I was going to give this book three stars but as Goodreads ratings system for four stars is 'really liked it' and that is how I felt about the book, that's the rating I will give it.

It took me ages to get into this book, and probably only after about 200 pages did I get into the story and actually care about what was going on. The only thing that kept me going past the 200 pages was the fact that this is the seventh book in the Anna Travis series and I enjoy them and want to read them all so I persevered with it and luckily halfway through the book definitely picked up and I couldn't read the rest of the book quick enough in my desire to reach its conclusion. And what a conclusion it was.

As I said in a previous review, these novels are basic police procedurals and they don't rely on over the top/unrealistic storylines or sensationalism instead La Plante just tells a story and tells it very well. This time we see Anna taking on her very first case as DCI and unfortunately this is without the fantastic characters from other books, namely Barolli, Mike, Barbara and Joan and initially I was disappointed at this as I wanted to see how they would react now Anna was the boss but I think Mike is the same rank. However we met Paul, a gay officer, Helen and Brian who I didn't really like that much but it was interesting to see how Anna interacted with them as the boss.

In this book we also saw the POV of other characters rather than just mostly Anna and I think that this was because as DCI she had to delegate jobs to the other officers that she would have done herself in previous books when she was a lower rank. I thought she was great as DCI and as I have read the other books in the series she has improved, grown up and matured so much from the Anna we read about way back in the first books! I love Anna and think she's such a great character. In this book we find her still getting over the death of her fiance in the previous book which I said I felt was a rushed relationship for the sake of the storyline.

Langton also featured heavily in this book and I just don't know where La Plante is going with this. I know he is her boss and so is going to feature but it's just the scenes where they discuss personal things that confuse me. Anna appears to be over Langton however he doesn't appear to be over her and I just wonder whether their relationship is ever going to be revisited...

Overall the story was fantastic once it picked up after those 200 pages. It read like a TV show which isn't surprising given La Plante's history and the fact that this book will be a TV show in a few years if the (fantastic) TV adaptation of Above Suspicion continues which I really hope it does. It makes the books more enjoyable being able to put a face to the characters. I didn't really guess the ending but it wasn't an OMG moment where you didn't see it coming. I can't wait to get started with the next Travis novel though as as I said previously I think Anna is such a great character. I did read a few negative reviews for this book however I would have to disagree and say that whilst this might not be the best in the series, it is certainly not a one star book and is a very enjoyable read. For me it was at least anyway.