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Living Life the Essex Way - Sam Faiers I was going to give this book one star, but didn't want to be too harsh. I love TOWIE, it is one of my favourite current TV shows and I am absolutely addicted to it. I do not, however, like Sam Faiers. I would say she was my least favourite character but that accolade goes to the odious man who goes by the name of Arg. It was Lydia but as she's on a break I'll say Arg. Sam comes a close second though.

However the two star rating isn't because I dislike Sam. I hate the way people will read a book when they dislike the author and so rate the book just because of who wrote it or what it's about. I'm sure there are books about people I dislike that are fantastic and I wouldn't rate them one or two stars because of other factors. However to sum this book up in one word I would use, terrible.

Sam didn't really come across very well. She talks as if TOWIE is 'her' show and how so many of the characters were introduced because of an attachment they had to her. TOWIE is huge and I don't think the show would miss her or suffer if she left. What has she actually added to the show over the last few series? Nothing much. Sam is all about the fame and the money and the woe is me paragraphs got boring after a while.

I also have to disagree with what she said about Liverpool girls. Liverpool girls are some of the best looking in the UK and I don't think they are as behind on the fashion as Sam thinks. She says Essex ends a trend just as Liverpool is picking it up? Doubtful. This is the same girl who says a man should never wear trainers on a date and yet Joey wears them with jeans and without socks? That is so fashionable. I don't think Liverpool girls are more OTT either. Desperate Scousewives was a massive exaggeration of life in Liverpool and as Sam bangs on about how 'real' TOWIE is then we are to assume that when they act OTT they are being 'real'. She was right about Amanda Harrington not being known outside Liverpool but how many people who haven't watched TOWIE have heard of Sam Faiers? Hardly anybody I would imagine. And she boasts about how TOWIE is the original show and has so many fans but I think we can admit that there are thousands of 'fans' watching who are watching for the cringe factor not because they love the show.

I'm sure Sam fans will love this but as I went into it not liking Sam to begin with there was only ever going to be one way this review went, and you've just read it. I'm sure anyone disagreeing with it will just tell me to not be jel, be reem but given what that word actually means that saying is just ridiculous. I think TOWIE is slowly starting to lose its way and if Sam wants to keep making money and become more famous she should jump while she can however I think the reason she is still there is because she knows how much she needs TOWIE however after reading this you would think they need her to succeed.