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Theodore Boone  - John Grisham I got this from the library where it was shelved under 'Adult Fiction: Adventure' however I was aware that it was a children/YA book. I have read so any reviews and comments slating this book for that reason but don't see how people can rate a book 1 or 2 stars because they didn't realise it wasn't written for adults. From the outside the UK edition does look pretty adult but the length of it and the words used for the description are pretty obviously written for children/YA.

Anyway... I tried to read this through the eyes of my younger self and my rating reflects that because I think that had I read this when I was 13 I would have enjoyed it a lot. Theo Boone is a great little character if a bit unbelievable at times. And for someone so obsessed with court he didn't know what it would mean if you were held in contempt? Also as a 13 year old we are told he doesn't have an interest in girls, however later in the book he does. Every 13 year old has an interest in girls.

I did find Theo quite grown up however, perhaps too grown up for the sake of the story? I did find it funny the way all his classmates ran to him for legal advice, over silly things as well like one kids' parents having to file for bankruptcy, surely the kid in questions parents would know that already?

I have read other Grisham novels as I do have a mild fascination with the judicial system however I often find his books a bit complicated and too length so a watered down version was preferable to me and that's why I decided to give this book a go. I did jury service a few months ago and absolutely loved it so I did enjoy reading about the courtroom experience.

The book was very easy to read, short sentences and double line spacing meant that the 250+ pages were read in no time which is even more of a giveaway that this book isn't written for adults however adults can read it and enjoy it by all means. Certain bits will come across as a bit obvious, for example some of the descriptions about courtroom etiquette and whatnot that Theo gives to his classmates but for a young kid reading this some things might not be as obvious to them as they would be to an adult reader.

Overall I did enjoy this book very much and will definitely be catching up with Theo very soon and as this book ended on a cliffhanger I would like to see whether the outcome is mentioned in the next book in the series. Quite annoying if not!