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Hunted - Emlyn Rees Hovering between 'liked it' and 'really liked it' so ended up giving this three stars. Whilst it was a heart stopping read which had me turning the pages quicker than any book has for a while, I think the best thing about this book was the blurb - but then most blurbs do tend to make books sound better than they actually are. Or maybe the problem wasn't the book it's just that I have read so many books similar to this that it's just a case of 'been there, done that'.

Similar to Simon Kernick and Linwood Barclay this book has short chapters and so moves at a breakneck speed. It takes place mostly over the course of a day and we follow Danny as he has been set up for the murder of a Russian guy (I think, the name escapes me) and slaughter of a load of civilians. We then follow him as he makes his way across London with the help of The Kid. Who just so happens to be able to hack into anything and follows Danny around London via CCTV telling him where to go.

I did like the character of Danny but the storyline just didn't grip me. I did enjoy reading about him going across London and as a Tube nerd would have liked him to go Underground at some point but that might not have been the best idea considering that TfL is just as CCTV-happy as the rest of London. However the bit where he runs through Harrods was fantastic and where he ended up in the middle of a fountain with a balaclava over his face scaring passersby was funny.

The ending of this book was fantastic, I definitely did not see the twist coming and that is always a good thing as more often than not the 'twist' that authors probably think is going to shock readers is actually obvious throughout the book. Here though it wasn't and I was very surprised.

Overall I did enjoy this book but after having read so many books like this things do get a bit repetitive however that is no disrespect to the author as had I read this book a few years ago before reading any books similar to it I probably would be rating it more than three stars. The book did end telling us that Danny's story would be continued in 2012 and at the time of writing this review, 2013, that book has still not been published which is a bit worrying especially as Amazon has the release date as 2014...