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Bold as Brass: My Story - Hilary Devey I had never heard of Hilary Devey before watching Dragon's Den but after seeing her on that I thought she was fantastic. I had no idea though of the sort of life she's led. I have read too many books about bad things happening to people to be shocked by anything written in this one but I think a few people may be shocked when they read about the life Hilary has had.

Where most people would have just given up Hilary used to knock downs and the set backs to spur her on to do something about it to prevent it happening again in the future. She really is a very inspirational woman and the chapters about her son's drug abuse were quite hard to read. She has also been extremely unlucky with men as well and there was one part of the book which wasn't very nice to read and was actually something which she has never ever spoken about before. So this book is a very honest, no holds barred read.

Overall this is one of the best autobiographies I've read. Hilary is full of honesty and integrity and that shines through throughout the whole book. I enjoyed reading about her many travels around the UK and the sheer amount of jobs her and her family had! A 12 year old barmaid running a pub by herself? Amazing. Fans of Hilary will love this book but I think people who haven't heard of her could read it and become fans themselves. A fantastic read.