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Ultimatum - Simon Kernick I was hovering between four and five stars for this one. I'm trying to save five stars for books which I loved. Books which I can't put down and books which when I finish them I want to tell everybody to read. And in the end this was one of those books so I had to give it five stars. It also just so happens to be Simon Kernick's best book yet.

Admittedly when I read the blurb for the book I thought it sounded just like Siege. However it is a continuation of sorts of Siege and contains some of the same characters and for that reason it would be wise to read Siege before this book just to get a bit of background on the characters and the stories (and because it's a damn good book in itself!).

Tina Boyd and Mike Bolt are also back in this book. Fans of Kernick will know how much of a livewire Tina is and this book is no different! The scene where she is planting bugs in a suspect's house had me holding my breath with her as she hid in a wardrobe. She is a fantastic character but you can really feel Mike's frustration with her when she constantly makes errors and does things she isn't supposed to! But it all adds to the tension I suppose and I like reading about police officers that aren't afraid to break a few rules e.g. Logan McRae and Tom Thorne!

The eery thing about this book was just how real it felt. The riots of 2011 really made people realise just how possible it is for the country to be 'taken over' for want of a better description and the terrorist attacks in this book were not hard to imagine. The book takes place mostly over the course of one day and for that reason it moves at a breakneck speed and you will struggle to put this book down and hate whatever it is that makes you have to stop reading. The short chapters also make it a quicker read and you finish one chapter and just have to read the next.

I have to admit that even though the terrorists are evil, in the interest of making the book a good read you really do hope that they succeed in blowing things up and causing mayhem, after all if they got caught at the start of the book it'd be a rubbish read! So reading about the potential ruin of one of London's newest famous landmarks was another heart stopping moment and easy to imagine. Books like this should be made into movies but you wonder how much of the book they could or would actually include in said film.

Overall this book was a rollercoaster ride and I loved every minute of it. Simon Kernick is one of my favourite authors and easily one of the best writers in the UK right now. Most of his books have been unputdownable reads and he just seems to improve with each book he writes! This book did end on a cliffhanger of sorts so I hope that the next book will be a continuation on from this and again feature the fantastic duo of Tina Boyd and Mike Bolt. Do not miss this book.