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Secrets of an Essex Girl - Lauren Goodger I'm sure there's people just waiting to rate this one star because of who wrote it but this is actually a fantastic read and Lauren fans will love it, and Lauren haters should read it and open their eyes, especially the trolls and the haters who have lowered her self-esteem and made her, at times, feel worthless.

I do like Lauren but found her a bit annoying at times on TOWIE. However I think most people with a bit of common sense will know that a lot of the scenes on TOWIE are staged and that most of the characters are a bit different to how they would be in real life. I thought Lauren came across as loud and quite confident throughout the series but this book, and especially the bits about her childhood, made me realise how vulnerable she is and how much she lacks confidence. She talked about how she looks at pictures of herself from a few years ago and thinks she looks great and I look at pictures of me as a teenager and I can see the difference between then and now. The only difference is I don't get criticised and bullied (because that's what it is) by the press and the vile trolls on social media websites. It's easy to tell Lauren to just ignore these people but it's difficult to do so. She speaks about her weight and how it makes her feel with such honesty.

However it is the chapters and words about Mark that had me gobsmacked. I know an autobiography is that person's story and therefore what they are saying is their opinion or point of view but I don't think there were any lies her. I actually like Mark Wright, I loved him on TOWIE and IAC... however he came across terribly here. He was an extremely possessive boyfriend to the point where he wouldn't want Lauren going out with friends, would get jealous if she spoke to another lad, would want to know where she was all the time etc, some of this behaviour is normal but the way she spoke about it and described it just made me feel a bit uncomfortable. Also on TOWIE you can see how close he is to his family and I always found that a bit weird, his family will defend him no matter what he does and even stories in the media (which yes, should be taken with a pinch of salt) have always talked about his womanising ways. Even before him and Lauren became famous she talks about how he was obsessed, to the point of faking a relationship with a glamour model (while with Lauren) and being part of one of those sex strips in the Mirror which she didn't know until she read the paper! The bits about the abortion were awful too and it's clear that Lauren just wants to be loved and to be happy. Mark didn't even want her in TOWIE which as it's meant to be 'real' would have been a bit silly to not include his girlfriend?

It's easy to dismiss this book because it's about someone who came from TOWIE but it is actually a fantastic read. Sam Faiers made a bitchy comment about Lauren in her own book and ended it by saying 'but that's her story to tell', and here is this story. Very honest and showing what I believe to be a lovely, vulnerable person who just wants to be happy. This is by no means a cash in book full of photos and silly beauty secrets and how to become rich (cough Sam Faiers book cough) however it is a book which Lauren fans can read and get to know her better. Or which girls suffering similar issues can read and get help or comfort from reading about Lauren's experiences. And as said in my opening paragraph it's a book that Lauren haters can read and realise the effect their words have on her. I'm not saying you can't criticise people but a lot of the comments verge on bullying and I don't think Twitter trolls think about how the person they are effectively bullying feels when they read their words.

This was a fantastic read and I really hope Lauren finds the happiness she craves soon. She is a lovely girl and I think she is gorgeous. The thing with Lauren is she is a genuinely nice person and can lose the weight and continue to be nice. However there are people on TOWIE that have vicious personalities and whether they are fat or thin they can't change that, the same with Lauren's haters. They will always be bitter and hateful over someone they don't know and they can't change that. All Lauren needs to do is reach a comfortable weight and be continue to be the nice person that this book proves she is. But of course there will be people that disagree with this review because they can't see past Lauren the reality star from the show they all hate. But I urge people to read this book and please, think differently. Also the book is full of emoticons and Twitter hashtags which I thought were a bit random but fun!