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Love You Bye: My Story - Scott Mills Okay so I enjoyed this a lot more than I expected to! I wouldn't call myself a Scott Mills 'fan' I would just say I like him from whenever I've heard him on the radio. However I do love autobiographies and will read about (nearly) anyone and everyone.

This book however was mostly about Scott's career and did touch on his childhood very briefly and even his sexuality was glossed over. I was expecting more details in those parts however he did speak a lot about the boyfriends/lovers that he's head and about the problems he's faced in his life. He writes with such warmth and honesty that the pages fly by as you are reading them and you really enjoy reading about his life. He also speaks quite honestly about his drinking problem too, and it was quite funny reading about him being hungover on air and actually still being drunk on air. But humour aside he did actually have a problem and could have lost his job (and potentially his career) over it.

However as I said the book is largely about how he got his first job in radio and how that eventually led to him getting the dream job in radio, as a Radio 1 DJ. The book is split up into chapters (as are most books) but within the chapters the sections are split up with headings such as 'Things I Have Learned' and 'Frequently Asked Questions' and these are numbered. I thought this was a good little way to split the book up and some of the headings are quite humorous.

Overall I really enjoyed this book and think Scott's fans will (if they haven't read it already) love it and anyone with an interest in radio would enjoy it to, I think Scott would agree that it is almost a 'What Not To Do' book if you want to get into radio rather than a helpful guide of how to get into radio. As only a casual Scott listener all of the stories in this book were new to me however I think Scott fans will probably be aware of what he has went through in his career but I think this will still be an enjoyable read for them nonetheless. Quite a short book too at just over 200 pages with double line spacing so not a very long read.