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McFly - Unsaid Things... Our Story - Tom  Fletcher, Danny Jones, Harry Judd, Dougie Poynter I wanted to give this book five stars simply for the introduction. Possibly one of the best and most funniest introductions to a book I have ever read. And the rest of the book was pretty good too.

I was expecting this book to be similar to other young musicians books in that it would be in a glossy format with loads of pictures and not much writing when in actual fact it was the total opposite. This is a 300+ page full of writing and is not a 'cash in' book like other young musicians have released.

Instead it is a funny at times, sad at others and honest all the way through read that any McFly fan will love. I'm not a huge McFly fan and have only ever really listened to their 'hits' over the years however I love autobiographies and if I have even the slightest interest in the subject then I will give it a go and read it.

Definitely a book that McFly fans will love and one that even the most hardcore of fans will learn something new about the band after reading it.