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Starting Over - Denise Welch I haven't read Denise's first book however I would like to after reading this. I found it to be a very honest read which allowed Denise to put across her side of all the stories that appear about her in the press. For example the fact that she is meant to have cheated on Tim when throughout their marriage they were honest with each other and Tim actually had a partner too when Denise went public with Lincoln however that isn't reported because it doesn't make good headlines.

I enjoyed reading about her time on Dancing On Ice and Big Brother too. We all know how manipulative BB can be but it was still a surprise to read about what went on and how some scenes where Denise was talking to Michael and being nice was edited to just show her swearing at him.

I have always found Denise to be a lovely person despite what the papers say. She's a bit of a live wire but I like that about her. Overall I enjoyed this book and would recommend it to Denise fans who are interested in hearing the truth behind the many stories that frequently appear about her in the press.