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From Coal Dust to Stardust - Gary Cockerill I had never heard of Gary Cockerill before seeing him on Katie Price's various reality TV shows. I liked him on that but always thought he was a bit of a hanger on however he has been Katie's best friend for years and she does speak highly of him. I thought this book sounded interesting, especially his time as a coal miner as it is the last job you would expect him to do. Also he comes across as quite a confident, 'out there' gay man so I didn't realise he spent most of his childhood and teenage years having girlfriends. The scene with the babysitter was hilarious.

Admittedly though the thing that drew me to this book was his friendship with Katie Price and as a Katie fan I was only really interested when he talked about her, which took up a fair bit of the book. The blurb makes the book sound really interesting as though Gary is going to divulge the secrets of everybody he has worked for but in the interests of being professional and not alienating his 'employers' he doesn't really give away any juicy information. That may also be because if he told us the gossip about some of the people he has worked with then they would probably sue him!

Overall a good read however I went into it not being a Gary 'fan' so I perhaps didn't enjoy it as much as somebody who really likes him might. It doesn't really fulfill its promise of gossip however it does contain some fantastic stories, especially Gary talking about his time working in the porn industry! The man certainly has had an eventful life and it was one that was enjoyable to read about.