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12th of Never (Womens Murder Club, #12) - James Patterson I can never choose between Michael Bennett or the Women's Murder Club as my favourite Patterson creation. Both are fantastic and both feature characters who I love. After finishing this book though I am leaning more towards the WMC are my favourite. It certainly isn't Alex Cross anyway, Supercop who loves his kids and who has met the love of his life in every single book. Booooooooring.

I love the Murder Club because it's like catching up with old friends. However in this one the friends hardly see each other and only meet up as a foursome a few times throughout the whole book. Instead we see each of them facing their own problems. Cindy's is with her relationship, Yuki's is in the courtroom, Lindsay's is her baby's health and Claire's is missing a dead body. However these stories come to be interlinked near the end and the girls come together again.

This was one of the best books in the series and I flew through it as usual with Patterson's short chapters. I enjoyed reading about Lindsay and her struggle to work but look after her sick child as well. I really enjoyed Yuki's scenes in the courtroom as to be honest I haven't really taken to her in previous books. I don't really have an opinion about Claire but I love Cindy and am a bit disappointed that she didn't feature much in this book. However she has featured more in other books to perhaps it was Yuki's time to shine.

The book ended on a massive cliffhanger which should lead nicely into the next book. Hard to believe that this is now the 12th book in the series! Looking forward to the next one.