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Dark Blood  - Stuart MacBride Logan McRae is one of my favourite fictional detectives. I think Tom Thorne is my favourite but Logan is a close second. I don't think this book was the strongest in the series but it wasn't a bad book and I really enjoyed it.

One of the best things about the McRae books has got to be DI Steel. Quite possibly one of the best characters in a crime fiction novel... ever! I just think ages great. I always say that MacBride's books could do with being a 100 or so pages shorter but I would never want it to be at the expense of the scenes with Steel, fantastic character.

I also really like Logan as well, especially his doesn't give a crap attitude and the way that he constantly breaks rules and gets into trouble. After all it'd be a pretty boring read if he played by the rules all the time.

The story in this book wasn't the best but it was easy enough to follow and keep me interested. I can't wait to read the next book and catch up with Logan again. I read Blind Eye a few weeks ago and it was a few years since I last caught up with McRae and it was like catching up with an old friend. Fans of crime fiction mixed with plenty of humour should not miss this series. Everything about it is fantastic especially the characters of McRae and Steel. I do wish Insch would make an appearance however although I do have Close to the Bone ready to read about Shatter the Bones and have seen his name mentioned in that! I think Steel is probably my favourite out of the lot though, amazing character.