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Club Dead  - Charlaine Harris Five stars just for having Elvis in this book as a vampire?

I did really enjoy this book despite the slow start. I don't really care for Bill and so the fact that he was missing didn't really bother or concern me and I just wanted the story to pick up. I love Sookie however and really enjoy the little scenes where for example she might just be packing, or doing something normal and I just enjoy reading those little bits, or the scenes in Alcide's sister's salon as well. I continually hear Anna Paquin's voice in my head throughout the whole book however and I think my dislike of Bill may be largely down to the fact that I don't really like Stephen Moyer as Bill in the TV show.

Eric however is one of my favourite characters but one of the things I enjoyed most about this book was the interaction between Sookie and Alcide. The storyline of the book was certainly strong enough to keep me reading and the books are only short anyway so I powered through this one quite quickly. I have only seen Season 1 of True Blood at this point in time (March 2013) and am planning on watching the other seasons after completing my reading of the Stackhouse series. I don't know how similar the books are to the TV show from Season 2 but I prefer to read a book with no idea what's going to happen than to know what is/might be about to happen.

Overall I did enjoy the book however you know that as the heroine and as the love interests that nothing major will happen to the three main characters at this point in time during the books but the book still had plenty of tension and I couldn't wait to reach the end to find out what happened. I really love the world that Harris has created and can't wait to continue with the series, my only worry is the reviews of later books seem to get worse with each following book however I will persevere until I have reached the end. Sookie is fast becoming a favourite fictional character of mine, as is Eric.