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Dead To The World  - Charlaine Harris I think this is probably my favourite Sookie book so far. And not just because Bill was absent for the majority of it. I'm confused as to whether my dislike for Bill is because of the character (who isn't that bad) or because of Stephen Moyer who I don't really like in the TV show. Or because most reviewers tend to dislike him so my brain is conforming and telling me to dislike him too. All I know is that in the Bill vs. Eric debate, Eric wins by miles.

Eric is one of my favourite characters that have been introduced to the series at this point (book #4) and I enjoyed reading about him in this book a lot more because of the memory loss. It was nice to see a different side to him, and to read about how Sookie handled that. The storyline this time around had me hooked a lot quicker than previous books however I was a bit wary about all the different Supes that were introduced at once. It wasn't too difficult to keep up with them but there were an awful lot of them. I also knew where Jason was from reading the blurbs of future books so that element of the story wasn't a surprise to me.

Overall I enjoyed this and as I said it is probably my favourite so far. It also had appearances from Bubba and Alcide and Alcide is another favourite character of mine.