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Shatter the Bones - Stuart MacBride After finishing this book I think I can now say that Logan McRae has overtaken Tom Thorne as my favourite fictional detective. And I think that this is one of the best McRae novels so far, and another long book. I always say however that I wouldn't want to lose the comedy or the scenes with Steel so can put up with the length of the book.

The storyline in this book didn't really grip me or have me interested in who the kidnappers were, it was the other storylines that I enjoyed. From Logan being accused of rape, to nearly dying in his flat. He certainly manages to get himself into some situations, some are his own doing but some are just pure bad luck.

As ever DI Steel was simply fantastic. She has to be one of the best fictional characters created in a crime novel and her and Logan together are hilarious. I like that underneath it all they are just good friends. I hope this friendship can be continued in the next book now that Logan is a Detective Inspector however I do know that the next book features the return of another fantastic character from earlier novels and I can't wait to read that.

Overall another fantastic read from MacBride. I always worry with the release of the next book whether an author can improve on their previous work but the McRae novels just keep getting better. They are the perfect crime novels with the right mix of murder, comedy, mayhem etc and I love them. I am tempted to go back and read the earlier books as it has been a few years since I first read them.