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Dead As A Doornail  - Charlaine Harris Every time I finish a Sookie Stackhouse book I always say that it was better than the previous one. The same is true of this book however I am dreading reaching the point where the next book isn't as good as the previous one as after reading reviews of later books it would appear I am approaching the 'downfall' of this series and each book is going to get progressively worse. However some people rate the later books highly so fingers crossed I still enjoy them.

Back to this book however and it was probably one of my favourites so far. I was a bit wary at first because it was less about the vampires and more about Jason and the Weres, and more specifically who is shooting the Weres. I like Jason as a character because of Ryan Kwanten and I love love LOVE Sookie because of Anna Paquin. I know the books and TV show are very different but I enjoy the books more being able to pictures the characters more clearer than if I was using my own imagination.

I was also gutted halfway through the book, I was lying in bed getting ready to finish a chapter, which I usually like to do when Sookie is going to bed in the book and next minute her house is burning down! I am devastated as I feel like I've lived in that house myself these past few books, hopefully it'll be back to normal soon! so that was a bit of a shocker. I also did not see any of the twists coming, I didn't have any idea who was shooting the shifters or who was trying to kill Sookie.

I also don't much care for Tara and didn't really enjoy her parts of the story, but despite being the cover star of this book (TV series cover) her parts didn't really take up much of the book. Once again Sookie remains irresistible to men, and I was pleased at the appearances by Alcide in this book, one of my favourite characters. And the scenes with Eric were fantastic. Boring Bill also popped up a few times *yawn* but it was the scenes with Alcide and Eric I enjoyed the most, one in particular with Eric!

The only thing I don't like so far is the relationship with Sam. I am trying to enjoy Sookie and Sam together as most people seem to think they will end up together in the last book and I want to finish the last book being happy with the ending and that won't be the case if I can't get on board with Sam and Sookie ending up together. Overall though another fantastic read, Sookie is amazing and I love reading about her.