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Definitely Dead  - Charlaine Harris Note: I was confused about who Hadley was and when Sookie had been told about her death however it turns out that the story about this was a short story and is included in A Touch of Dead which I actually have checked out from the library! I thought I was going mad and had missed a book!

Phew. I am now at the point in this series that I am dreading starting the next book as I am always wondering whether that is the book that is the start of this series deterioration. I really don't want to dislike this series as I have loved every book so far and this one was just as good as all the rest.

Unlike other reviewers I don't need Bill in these books to make them enjoyable for me. He is probably one of my least favourite characters. I do however like Eric and Alcide but I am trying to get on board with Sookie's relationship with Quinn, however much I would prefer her to be with Alcide or Eric. I am also still trying to like Sam in the event that he and Sookie end up together in the last book as I don't want to dislike the ending to this series (let's hope she doesn't end up with Bill then!).

I enjoyed the storyline a lot in this book. The thing I enjoy most about this series is the vampires, and I enjoyed reading about the Queen in this book and the fact that there is actually tourists and photographers camped outside her home and that the roads surrounding the home can't be accessed by cars because of the tourists. That's one of the good things about these books, the existence of the vampires is public knowledge so it adds a different dynamic to the story rather than in other vampires books where not many people are aware they exist.

I always say that one of the best things about these books for me is Sookie. I love her as a character and often find that even the mundane scenes of her shopping, getting ready for bed or sunbathing etc are just as enjoyable as the rest of the book however I draw the line at descriptions of her time of the month and Bill smelling her shall we say, intimate bleeding episode. Ew ew ew.

There were other appearances from other supes in this book but they only serve to improve the story and didn't really confuse me, the story was very easy to follow. The last few chapters were fantastic and should lead nicely into the next book. Overall another fantastic read and I am relieved that this wasn't the book, for me at least, that is the beginning of the end for my enjoyment of this series.