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All Together Dead  - Charlaine Harris Okay so a few hours ago I posted an update to say it was taking me a while to get into this instalment, fast forward a few hours and I have finished the book. I am pleased to say that it was a five star read, in my opinion anyway. I am dreading reaching the book that will be the start of this series deterioration however, for me at least, it wasn't this one. This one was excellent and the last few chapters especially has me gripped. So much so that I write this review having just finished it at 2.44am. I couldn't wait to reach the end.

The world that Harris has created here is extraordinary, I liked how the focus here was on the vampires, as that is what these books are essentially about. That and the amazing Sookie who these past few weeks reading the Stackhouse books has become one of my favourite fictional characters. She is fantastic and I only wish I knew her in real life! Even if she could read my thoughts... I enjoyed her relationship with Quinn more in this book than in previous ones and found it more believable. I am however firmly in the Eric camp and loved the scenes with him too. And as for the sex scenes, it was like watching an episode of True Blood, sex sex sex.

I thought the summit would be hard to follow what with the introduction of even more characters but it wasn't too hard to keep track of who everybody was. I kept picturing Sophie Anne as Katherine from The Vampire Diaries (amazing character) and found the storyline with her to be very good. There wasn't much Bill in this book which is another good thing about it. I always feel conflicted with this character, however it is clear that he does love Sookie despite all that has gone on in the past and his reason for returning to Bon Temps.

Overall another fantastic read and I only dread reading the next book in fear of it not being very good. I don't want to finish a Sookie book and be disappointed with it so I will keep everything crossed that the next book is another enjoyable read. However I enjoy the mundane Sookie scenes of her shopping or cleaning up so I think I could read a book just about her doing random things and enjoy it.