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Broken Bodies (Daisy Lane) - June Hampson I enjoyed this a lot more than Trust Nobody, which was the first book in this Daisy Lane series. I said in my review of book #1 that I didn't know where the series would go. However I was gripped from the first few pages and thought the storyline for this book was fantastic. Gangland books are usually just the same stories told with different characters but I found this one to be a bit different than the typical Heller or Cole yarn. Also there were frequent appearances from the Kray twins which I enjoyed.

Daisy Lane really improved as a character in this book. And Vera was an incredible character who I loved in book #1 and even more so in this one. I enjoyed the relationship Daisy had with Bri although I did find the story with who he was a bit unbelievable. Sammy was an absolutely despicable character although I feel that books in this genre always need one of them. It was awful picturing Daisy's cafe turned into a knocking shop!

As always with these types of books it is full of violence, bad language, sex, unpleasant scenes etc but they all serve to enhance the story and I get annoyed reading reviews where people slate the book because of it. How are the characters meant to act and speak to each other? If people can't handle a bit of sex and swearing then they really shouldn't be reading these sorts of books.

I also found that June's writing was very good although there were lots of paragraphs that just weren't needed. For example why do we need to keep reading about customers paying for their purchases and Daisy or Bri putting them into a bag for them? I don't mind filler scenes when they add something to the story. Overall however I enjoyed this book a lot and can't wait to get stuck into #3 just as soon as it arrives from Amazon. Daisy Lane is a fantastic creation, a strong female character but not unrealistically so. I can't wait to read about her relationship with a certain character from previous books and also how she deals with a psychopath who is obsessed with her.