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Dead Men's Dust  - Matt Hilton This book proves why I should learn to just ignore other reviewers and make my own opinion. I read so many not bad but not raving reviews for this book that it put me off wanting to read it, when in actual fact it turned out to be a very enjoyable read that moved at breakneck speed. I thought the book was written very well and it wasn't the usual British author trying to write a book in America and failing, I really felt like I was there when I was reading the book and it felt very authentic.

Anyway, this book has been on my to read list for ages now. I recently read a series of books by Sean Black focusing on a bodyguard Ryan Lock who is a fantastic creation. I haven't read Lee Child's Reacher series and probably have no intention of now that he is played by Tom Cruise as I would just be picturing him throughout. So I couldn't help but compare this to Black's character Ryan Lock. I do think however that Joe Hunter was a great character and one that I really enjoyed reading about. I found him believable, funny and a good person. I also enjoyed the friendship with his partner Rink. Like Ryan Lock, everyone needs a friend to help them out (Ryan's is Ty).

The book moved at breakneck speed and was like a Hollywood blockbuster at times. It amuses me when people talk about books being realistic, I don't really like using that word to describe fiction. Fiction, in books especially is about exploring things you can't explore in real life or in TV shows and movies. In books you have license to write pretty much whatever you want as you have an unlimited budget, your imagination. So the shooting scenes and the big Hollywood explosions and chases cross country were very enjoyable to read about. If this book was realistic it would be boring. Thrillers should try to remain partly realistic but not 100% because that would be rubbish.

Overall though I gave this book four stars because Goodreads says that means I 'really liked it' and I did really like it. I have the rest of the books checked out from the library, in anticipation that I would actually want to read them! And fortunately I liked Joe Hunter as a character enough to want to do so. Especially when I have a to read list that I would need another lifetime to even attempt to get through.