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Judgement and Wrath: The Second Joe Hunter Thriller - Matt Hilton This book had one of the most action packed and enjoyable openings I have ever read. I read the first 70 pages, took a five minute break and then ended up reading up to page 207. The characters and stories jump off the page and you really feel as if you are part of the action and the story. I liked Joe Hunter in Dead Men's Dust, I loved him in Judgement and Wrath. I can see Hunter becoming a favourite fictional character of mine.

I enjoyed the story in this book and the action did not let up until the very last page. It really does read like a Hollywood blockbuster and it is incredibly difficult to put it down. I was trying to read this with somebody talking to me and it was really frustrating wanting to tell them to shut up and let me read! It is an excellent book and one that I thoroughly enjoyed. I love the way fiction allows authors to push the boundaries - they aren't bound by limits (e.g. money) - after all and situations can often seem unrealistic however all that serves to improve the story for me and I want books like this to be as action packed as possible, and this book is definitely that!

Overall this was a great book, a lot better than Dead Men's Dust - which in itself was a great book - however I think Matt Hilton is an author that will just get better with each book if this one is anything to go by. And I have the rest of the series ready to read ASAP.