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Cut and Run  - Matt Hilton A few days ago I was introduced to Joe Hunter, a few hours ago I began the fourth book featuring Mr. Hunter. A few hours later and it is done and dusted. Another fantastic read from Matt Hilton and once again the action does not let up until the final page. This time the story concerns Hunter's identity, and the fact that it has been stolen by a man named Rickard who is killing people associated to Hunter and making it look like him. We learn more about Hunter's past in this book after he is contacted by an old friend.

Once again the story jumps from a chapter in first person (Hunter) to a chapter usually following the villain of the story, in this book it is Rickard. Another fantastically evil character has been created here, Hilton certainly knows how to create the perfect bad guy. And as usual it was like reading a Hollywood script, as I have said in all my reviews of his books however the same is true for this one. These books read like they were made for the big screen.

Matt Hilton continues to improve as a writer and even though the story here was gripping, I felt that the previous book Slash and Burn was just marginally more enjoyable for me than this one. But this was also an excellent read and one that I wholeheartedly reccommend to anybody who enjoys reading this genre of books. Joe Hunter is a fantastic character who has fast become a favourite of mine over the past few days I have spent reading about him.