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Dexter in the Dark  - Jeff Lindsay I read the first Dexter book around the time that I started watching the TV show. I love the TV show. Michael C Hall is a phenomenal actor and Dexter is one of my favourite TV shows because of Hall. The books however are just 'good' and not a patch on the TV show. They aren't terrible however, as the reviews for this book would have you believe. I need to start reading books without reading the reviews first as they put me off books and I have put this book off for a few years now but was in a 'Dexter' mood so decided to read it, and I'm glad I did.

I liked the idea of the dark passenger leaving Dexter and him feeling lost in the world and not knowing how to behave and act (even moreso than usual). The storyline about Cody and Astor being like him and Dexter having to teach them the Harry code was a bit weird. I don't like Cody and Astor (in the books or the show) and feel that they are just preventing Dexter from being himself. Rita is also more annoying in the books than the TV show and I wonder where this storyline with Rita's kids will go in future books.

Overall an enjoyable read, made more enjoyable by being able to picture Michael C Hall as Dexter. I'm not sure how much I would like this series had I not also watched the TV show as it has some fantastic actors who you can picture here and enjoy the book more, for me at least. I will definitely be reading the rest of the series and making my own opinion of the books, not reading what people write on here and taking it as gospel. I guess I have lower standards than some people but this was an enjoyable read.