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Dexter is Delicious - Jeff Lindsay It's official, Dexter is my favourite fictional character ever. Or one of them at least. These books are so incredibly written from his POV, the TV shows so incredibly enjoyable because of Michael C Hall's performance that it is impossible not to love Dexter. These books are a joy to read and the pages fly by once you are inside Dexter's head. In this book Dexter became a father to a girl (he has a boy in the TV show) and his urges to kill seem to be disappearing and all he wants to do is protect his daughter. I enjoyed seeing this side to Dexter as it shows that he is capable of having feelings, as later seasons of the TV show have shown us. I liked his relationship with Rita in the show but not so much in the books, probably due to the fact that Rita appears to be unable to complete sentences.

The subject matter was a bit disgusting. I don't bad an eyelid at people getting murdered but draw the line at them being eaten by other humans. A pretty disgusting storyline but one that kept me hooked until the very end. Also I was very very pleased at the reappearance of Dexter's brother which coincides nicely with the TV show as he has just returned in that too (sort of). As usual the comedy is here as well as the snappy dialogue, the scene later in the book in a refrigerator is fantastic - Dexter certainly never fails to land himself in sticky situations, in the book and the TV show. The book also features a scene at an abandoned fairground which I have always been scared of ever since I saw pictures of an abandoned theme park I always used to visit as a child.

Overall another fantastic addition to the series and one that I wholeheartedly reccommend. Dexter is such a fantastic character and one that I love reading about. Admittedly I have said in the past that a huge part of my enjoyment of these books is picturing Michael C Hall as Dexter however I think people who have never watched the TV show can easily enjoy this book and the previous ones also.