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Essex Boy: My Story - Kirk Norcross I loved this book. I have been a fan of TOWIE from the start and am not ashamed to say I love it, less so after the most recent series which was abysmal, but the previous series had me hooked. I liked Kirk from the very beginning and felt that he was one of the characters that always felt the most real, it didn't seem like he was acting or playing up (much) and I thought he came across fantastically well. The same is true in this book, he is very honest, doesn't hold back and comes across as such a nice person.

I naively thought that Kirk had grew up like most of the TOWIE lot, with a privileged lifestyle and well off parents. Well, the opposite is true. I was shocked to learn that Kirk grew up in a broken home, moving from council house to near homelessness and then onto a hostel. His mum appears to have done everything she could to look after her kids, however his dad didn't seem to help out in the way that you would expect a father to do. Kirk says how he still doesn't understand why his father was like this. One Christmas he says about how they ran out of electricity and gas and how for four days over Christmas they sat in a freezing cold house. He also speaks about growing up in the rough area of Essex, the area that we never see on TOWIE. I'm sure most people just assume Essex is a glamorous place as that's certainly what the show sets out to portray.

Kirk speaks very openly about his childhood and teenage years and about the stuff he got up to as a kid. He was a proper little tearaway but at that age and in that situation there wasn't much else he could have got up to. But underneath it all he comes across as a lovely person. There are some fantastic stories here about him growing up not least the bit about him losing his virginity and how he then became a bit of a nymphomaniac. He also speaks about his anxiety and about how he acted out at school.

And then we reach the point where his dad becomes rich and Kirk at 18 lives the life most teenagers only dream about. To be honest Mick has always came across as a nice genuine person on the show but I don't think there are any untruths in this book, he was definitely making up for lost time by spoiling Kirk rotten. However Kirk isn't and wasn't the spoilt brat that people make him out to be, he then got a job at Sugar Hut on £300 a week plus bonuses and his dad made him work for what he's got today, which is not the impression you might get from watching TOWIE.

He talks about his relationships, one of which was - not a relationship - but occurred with a certain Celebrity Big Brother housemate who is certainly not whiter than white. Obviously this book is all Kirk's side of the story but throughout the whole book I feel he comes across as completely genuine and I believe every word he says. The bits about Amy I was surprised about but not massively so. He gets around a bit does Kirk but he isn't doing it in a nasty or using way, or so he says.

Overall I loved this book, easily one of the best books from the TOWIE lot and Kirk just went up even more in my estimation. Knowing where he came from and where he is today is fantastic, he could have ended up with such a different life. Drugs, prison, death? But instead he has made something of himself but never forgotten where he came from. The bits about his mum were nice too, she is the most important person in his life and he doesn't hold back from admitting that. Kirk might only be 25 but he has a fantastic story to tell and one that I wholeheartedly reccommend that you read. People often criticise or overlook books that are written by celebrities so young but why wait until he is 70 to tell this story? Some older people just write books that are them loving themselves, this book has humour, honesty and emotion by the bucket load. A fantastic read.