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Monument 14  - Emmy Laybourne I found the premise for this book so exciting and couldn't wait to read it. I also think the cover is great (I judge books by their cover) and think it really stands out on the shelves so kids should definitely be checking this book out over the rest of the books on the shelf. The first thing that confused me however was that one of the female characters was called Astrid, the name of one of the characters from Michael Grant's 'Gone' series. It wasn't hard to differentiate between the two it was just weird seeing another character with the same name, especially one so unusual and not widely heard.

The book kicks off at a quick pace. There was quite a lot of blood, death, drinking and sex and I'm unsure what age group this book is aimed at or written for. But it is the sort of book I would have loved to have read when I was younger. It had everything you need for an enjoyable read and I struggled to put it down. One thing I found however was that the male characters tended to be written as the 'stronger' characters and were looking after the girls. I don't find this a problem however I know some female readers, feminists usually, love strong female characters who kick arse and don't need a man and blah blah so those sorts of readers might dislike this book for that reason. My reply? There are hundreds of books in this genre that make girls out to be amazing and which bang on about how whatever a boy can do they can do the same (or better). Yawn. So books which have male characters as the strong lead are welcomed.

I felt there was a great mix of characters here all of whom were written believably. The setting was fantastic as well. I loved the idea of being stranded in a huge supermarket. Of course it would be upsetting being separated from friends and loved ones however it was more the idea of freedom and being able to do what you want and take what you want from the shelves that was exciting. I loved the fact that they made bedrooms out of the dressing rooms too.

Halfway through the book the action really picks up but before you know it the book is over. It had a fantastic ending which should lead nicely into the next book (which I cannot wait to read). Overall I enjoyed this book massively and thing younger readers, teenage males in particular will love this.