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Basically...: My Life as a Real Essex Girl - Gemma Collins When Gemma first joined TOWIE I thought she was fantastic. Then over time she got annoying to the point where she became unbearable to watch. And I thought she started to become a horrible person, just the way she acted at times made me feel uneasy. And the arguments, the one with Charlie in Bobby's shop was one of TOWIE's best ever moments. I just don't know what to think or believe with Gemma. She can come across as nice and then seconds later come across as horrible. And to be honest that's also how she came across in the book.

Whilst I found it to be very honest it was very much a woe is me story. I don't feel that she took responsibility for anything that went wrong in her life. She just wanted to be famous and would do whatever it took and drop whoever it took from her life to get there. It is also very much a girly read (which isn't surprising) but I didn't care for the bits about clothes and make up etc I could however relate to comfort eating and fully understand Gemma's battle with weight. However even on TOWIE that comes across as fake, one minute she's talking about wanting to lose weight and then the next minute she's on a bed with Arg stuffing her face. 'Some scenes have been set up purely for your entertainment' doesn't apply here.

I found the book to be very honest, especially when talking about her relationships (which is most of the book). And there were some funny moments. Gemma does come across as a nice person, as she does on the show. It's just the scenes that make her look nasty that have me wondering which side of Gemma is the one that is more like the real Gemma. Overall not the best book from the TOWIE lot but readable nonetheless.