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The Perfect Game (The Perfect Game, #1) - J. Sterling Reviews said how this book was similar to Beautiful Disaster which is also on my tbr list however I chose to read this one first, probably for the cover (as I judge books by them). And I'm glad I did. It was one helluva read and one that I could not put down, I read the last 50% in one sitting. It's a while since I have read a book which moves at such a quick pace. Seriously, at 23% of this book so much had gone on it was ridiculous.

I liked that the book was written from the POV of both Cassie and Jack. I really believed both characters and thought they were written very well. You really felt Cassie's shock at getting beaten up (though I don't see why that happened and what it added to the story and her hurt at Jack cheating on her which I saw coming before I even started the book. I also couldn't believe that he didn't get the girl he cheated with to take a pregnancy test, and that his managers or teammates didn't point this out to him, however for the sake of the story such things have to be ignored to add tension and to drag it out.

I'm surprised that there is a follow up to this book actually. I thought that everything was resolved at the end and have no idea where the next book will go. The author said at the end that this is based on true events which makes it feel more authentic to me, and is perhaps why the whole story felt so real. I enjoyed the whole cast of characters but was a bit confused about Dean and whether he was going to have a thing for Cassie, but then the whole love triangle thing has been done to death so perhaps it's a good thing he didn't.

Overall I massively enjoyed this book. I believe Beautiful Disaster is more of a fucked up sort of read and this one wasn't really that messed up. It would make for a good movie I think, especially when you look at some of the crap films being made from books nowadays I think this one would be pretty good.