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Not Dead Enough (Roy Grace Series #3) - Peter James I read the first Roy Grace book a few years ago quickly followed by the second one. I then couldn't get into this, the third, so gave up on it. Fast forward a few years later and my local city centre library has just reopened after a three year refurbishment, all the books there are brand new so I didn't hesitate to take out this and the rest in the Roy Grace series straightaway. This time around I did get into the book, and struggled to put it down.

The chapters are short which always makes me think I am reading a book faster than I normally would, one more chapter turns into ten more chapters and before you know it a 100 pages have flown by. However this book is long! I don't know whether it was too long, it took me about three days to read however if I didn't have to inconvenience of work then it would have been read sooner. If this was just a standalone crime novel by a random author the length would put me off, however knowing how Peter James can tell a story and knowing how fantastic Roy Grace is, this 600+ page doorstop didn't put me off. It should be used as a murder weapon in future books!

I find Grace to be a fantastic character, I love the mystery of Sandy and can't wait to see it unravel more in future books. I don't like his name though, it reminds me of an old man's name... Also not sure how I feel about the Cleo romance, just feels a bit forced to me. The story in this book wasn't fantastic, but it was good enough to keep me gripped so it wasn't that bad. I just thought the whole thing was a bit too obvious, not possible for the suspect to be in two places at once but the evidence appeared to suggest so, doesn't take a genius to work this one out. The 'twist' at the end wasn't that great either. I read a story like this as a kid in one of those Point Crime books and it was obvious back then. Overall though this book was saved by Grace and the little side stories taking place during the book, I liked the character of Skunk! Can't wait to get started with the next installment which is hopefully as good as this!