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Dead Man's Footsteps (Ds Roy Grace 4) - Peter James OH MY GOD THAT ENDING!!!!!! Review later.


If I didn't have the next installment in the Roy Grace series checked out from the library and ready to read I would be seriously annoyed right now! That ending had my eyes popping out of my head! I cannot believe I left years between reading Roy Grace #2 and #3, I then went straight onto #4 and cannot wait to get started with #5.

James is a fantastic writer, I loved the way this book kept alternating between various characters, leaving the reader wondering when they would (inevitably) all come together and the mystery would be solved. The book is set around 9/11, a time everybody can remember. I was in school at the time, and was 11 years of age. I can remember the day as if it was yesterday and the images are still vivid in my mind. Ronnie Wilson however was in New York on 9/11, minutes away from being in the South Tower. He then sees an opportunity to fake his death and the story carries on from there.

Side stories this time involve Cassian Pewe (what is with that name?!) having some sort of vendetta against Grace, going as far as to insinuating to Sandy's family that Grace may have played a part in her disappearance. I think we all know this isn't the case! Pewe was a horrible character but good for the story I feel.

Grace ends up going to New York and the fantastic Potting (so politically incorrect, reminds me of someone from the world of Logan McRae [Stuart MacBride]) and colleague travel to Australia. It was nice for the characters to get out of Brighton and I enjoyed the scene with Potting on the plane especially. It is even more funny because there probably is characters like him on the force.

Some people might find the book a bit slow at first, but stick with it as near the end you will be unable to put it down. For Roy Grace fans this book is a treat, for crime fiction fans yet to be introduced to this fantastic character, you are also in for a treat. Cleo didn't feature much in this book, I'm still unsure how I feel about her so she wasn't missed either way by me.

An absolutely fantastic read with one of the best and most frustrating cliffhangers I have ever read! I don't know how the people that read this book on release waited a year for the next one!