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Dead Man's Time  - Peter James EDIT June 9th: I did give this five stars originally but the Sandy mystery is annoying me. She was hardly mentioned in this book and after what went on in Not Dead Yet I thought she was about to reveal herself to Grace in this book. Not sure how much longer this can be dragged out for before it becomes even more annoying.

Over the past two weeks I have reacquainted myself with Roy Grace by reading books three to eight in those weeks. I hated myself for leaving it so long between book two and three but loved it because it meant I could read all the books without a years wait in between. I finished Not Dead Yet at 23.50 last night (June 5th), and started this book just after midnight on my Kindle. Needless to say nothing got done today while I devoured this book, and I think it could be his best yet. I am now just gutted that I have no more Grace books to read!

As always Peter James tells one hell of a story, starting in New York in 1922. As with his other books it wasn't hard to keep track of the stories between then and the present day nor was it hard to believe it, one of the best things about James' books are how believable and real they feel. I firmly believe he is one of the best writers in the UK, and certainly of the police procedural. Grace is also one of my favourite fictional detectives, maybe even my favourite now? It was Billingham's Tom Thorne until recently.

I also loved reading about Grace as a father and about how he would cope with, shall we call them 'things beyond his control'. The Sandy mystery in the last book was probably the best thing about it. There are also appearances from characters including Branson who I also really like and the fantastic Potting. I love the friendship between Grace and Branson. And I love the fact that despite how awful Potting is, there probably is people like him in the police all over the UK. Some crime authors rely on comedy and unbelievable plots too heavily I find but James manages to fit the comedy in between some fantastic writing, along with plenty of mystery and intrigue to keep you on your toes throughout the book.

Roll on the next book is all I can say as I am gutted to have reached the end of the book.