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Mary, Mary - James Patterson It only took 11 books but I finally like Alex Cross. In previous books I have found him to be too 'perfect'. He jumps from woman to woman and each one is the love of his life. He loves Nana Mama and his kids yet he hardly ever sees them. And there isn't a problem he cannot solve. However in this book I found him to be more human, and I actually believed him this time when he said how much he loves his family. The battle for custody with Little Alex proved this for me.

However later in the book he then rushes off around the country trying yet again to solve a crime and very nearly gets himself killed. I am interested to read future books as reading the synopsises for them has got me excited. I have found previous Cross books to be quite OTT plot wise, but this is a running theme in Patterson's novels and probably one of the reasons they sell so well. I have to say however that I found the story here to be a bit more believable and realistic and liked the way it leant more towards the psychological side of Alex Cross rather than the policeman side. I also enjoyed seeing the more rebellious side to Cross, ignoring his superiors and switching off his pager.

Overall this was an enjoyable read. The Cross books have never been my favourite from Patterson (and they are the ones he writes himself...) but I think this book might be a turning point for me and I can't wait to read the rest. I may even go back to the start and reread the Cross series as perhaps I judged some of them too harshly. I would definitely reccommend this one however.