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Alex Cross - James Patterson I have to say that this is the best Alex Cross book I have read so far. I've never been a massive fan of this character, instead preferring the characters from the Women's Murder Club and the character of Michael Bennett. I just found Cross to be too perfect. He is portrayed as a Supercop. And he constantly abandons his kids whilst at the same time telling us how precious they are. And he loves his dead wife Maria, and says he wants to get over her yet in nearly every book he has a new love interest. He loved Kayla in this one and I thought they only went out a few times? This is why I have given the book four stars: apart from the usual pet hates, the book was fantastic.

I got the movie cover version from the library however I haven't seen the film. And in the book Alex actually watches a film starring the actor that plays Alex Cross in the film version of this book! I thought that the villain of this book was one of the best that Patterson has created, I found him more believable than previous villains and I enjoyed the chapters featuring him the most in the book. I enjoyed reading about Alex quitting the police, however in the interests of the story he doesn't stay away for long and is soon back solving those crimes like nobody else in the world can(!) Supercop to the rescue once again. He did spend a lot more time with his kids though and perhaps he finally is starting to put his family first. This is Patterson though so I am expecting the next book to feature another love interest and more abandonment from Cross.

Overall however I did find this hard to put down. The mystery about Maria's death was a big part of this book culminating at the end with a confession from Sampson which I hope strengthens their friendship rather than harming it. I can't wait to get started with the next book, especially as it features the return of Kyle Craig. Another fantastic creation by Patterson.