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He's the One - Katie Price I enjoyed this one but not as much as previous books, it just felt a bit.. flat compared to the others. Nothing really major happened and it just felt like we were going through the motions before the predictable, inevitable ending. I did like the characters though and that's probably the reason for the generous rating.

These books, for those that don't know, are actually written by Rebecca Farnworth. I feel bad saying this but I only started reading these books because they have Katie's name on and even though Farnworth has written some books of her own, I haven't read any of them but probably would if they were published under Katie's name. I would like to know however how much input Katie has into these books, does she just come up with names? Plots? Who knows.. the names of the characters in Price's books are usually over the top and ridiculous, however in this one they felt a bit more normal.

Another thing I like about the books is that they all take place in the same 'world'. By that I mean the books often contain mentions and/or appearances of previous characters. In this one Jez and Rufus are back, as are Angel and Cal Bailey. Angel is probably the best creation from Farnworth and Price and hopefully she'll have another book of her own soon. But this time the story was about Liberty, starting in 1999 and then jumping to the present day where we then had alternating chapters between Liberty and her daughter Brooke.

I did enjoy reading both characters' stories but probably enjoyed Brooke's more. It was fun reading about this spoilt LA brat moving to Brighton and what a culture shock it was for her. But at the same time I thought it was unfair that Liberty let her grew up having whatever the hell she wanted and then just expected her to then live a normal life without kicking up a fuss about it. I did however find the story incredibly predictable, the romances were obvious and the whole book just felt like filler before reaching the end. That said it was a fun, enjoyable read which is all you can really hope for from books like this. Books snobs obviously won't like it but anyone looking for a fun enjoyable read will enjoy.