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Double Cross - James Patterson When I read Cross, the book before this one, it was the first book where I actually liked Alex as a character. I liked the fact that he had left the police and the FBI and the fact that he was actually spending time with this family he had spent ten books telling us he loved whilst abandoning them to go off and solve crimes like the Supercop he is portrayed to be. Even in this book high ranking members of the police are falling over themselves to have him help them and he was walking around a crime scene when he was just a civilian. Alex just seems a bit too perfect for me and unfortunately everything I liked about him in the previous book wasn't present here.

First of all Kyle Craig, probably the person in the world who most wants Alex dead escapes from prison and instead of making sure his kids and Nana are safe he goes off with Bree trying to solve yet more crimes. Nana and the kids were hardly even mentioned in this book and nor was Christine. This time Bree is his one true love and the 'sexiest woman he has ever met'. Yawn. I've lost count now of how many true loves this man has had.

All that aside the storyline in this book was gripping and I really enjoyed it. There were a few twists that I didn't see coming and a few that I did. And there were a few things that happened which bordered on the ridiculous but this is a Patterson book and so that is what the reader expects. Overall this probably was one of the stronger Cross stories but I can't help feeling that Cross has just took a step backwards and is now going to be putting his work before his family yet again. However these books are crime fiction and can't just be Alex being a dad to his kids for 400+ pages. The whole Supercop thing is wearing a bit thin now however.