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The Wish List - Jane Costello This was amazing! The only problem is I am now feeling happy at finishing a good book but sad at the same time that it's over. I absolutely loved Emma, she was just the sort of person you could imagine being friends with in real life and it was massively enjoyable reading about her quest to complete the list she compiled fifteen years ago of everything she wanted to do by the time she was thirty. This book was probably one of the funniest I've read for a long time. However it wasn't the sort of funny chick-lit that is just ridiculous and would never happen, the book felt very real and there were some serious parts in it. But for the most part it was funny and a joy to read.

This was my first Jane Costello novel but it certainly won't be the last. (I did start one a while ago but couldn't get into it however I am planning to start it again ASAP). I loved the fact that it was set in Liverpool as that's where I live so I can recognise places and things like that so that made the book more enjoyable for me. Usually they are all set in London and whilst I can also recognise places there it was nice to read a book set in my hometown.

The book had a fantastic cast of characters. I enjoyed the love triangle with Emma, Matt and Rob and found some of the scrapes she got herself into laugh out loud funny. I was annoyed that work and life got in the way of me reading this book and it took a lot longer to read than it normally would have done! I still long for the day that a lottery win provides me with the funds to move abroad, buy a million books and become a recluse. But in a way I got to spend longer with the characters and enjoyed the book more than if I had read it in a day like I normally do.

I cannot reccommend this book highly enough to fans of chick-lit. The cover says if you like Sophie Kinsella then you will love Jane Costello, well I think this was better than any of Kinsella's books (and I love them). I find some chick-lit authors to write characters who are a bit snobbish or middle class and I prefer characters who are a bit more down to Earth and on my level. Emma was certainly that. I'm just gutted I've finished this book and envy everybody who is yet to read it. Do not miss it. One last thing is the predictability of chick-lit, these sort of books just lose all their suspense when you know that the main character will always get their happy ever after.