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Wish You Were Here - Victoria Connelly I don't know whether I want to throw up yet or not after finishing this book. If ever there was a book that was too perfect it was this one. If there were ever two characters that were too perfect it was Alice and Milo. I know chick lit is predictable and that's one of the things I like about it but this book was just way too predictable for me. I liked the idea of it at first and it started off well but Alice annoyed me as did the storyline once it started to progress.

Alice makes a wish on a statue of Aphrodite (who according to the author has never stepped foot in Cyprus which I refuse to believe! Kethos didn't even show up as a real place on Google!) and then becomes irresistible to all men despite the fact that she is just a Plain Jane. I found this hard to believe (despite chick lit books often having silly storylines) because this book to me didn't feel like your typical chick lit book, it felt a bit more of a serious read and for that reason I didn't think this silliness suited the book. If this was a trashy chick lit book then the wish would have been made on one of those scary machines like on the film Big.

I did love the idea of the island though but my island of choice is and always will be Cyprus. I fell in love with the place in 2006 and I am always devastated when I leave. I wish I had the bottle to up sticks and move there to escape the UK for good but alas, real life isn't as easy as fiction. There was one paragraph in the book that stuck out for me however and it was: How hard it was going to be to return to England and her job after spending a week in such a paradise, she though. Maybe it had been a mistake to come on holiday. Maybe she would have been better off not knowing there were such beautiful places in the world. This is usually how I feel after going to Cyprus as a week or two weeks just isn't enough for me. Overall the book was enjoyable, just a bit too vomit inducingly perfect for me but that's not to say others won't enjoy it. It's the perfect book to spend a few hours in the sun but nothing that will make you want to scream and shout to your friends about.