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Thrill! - Jackie Collins I started reading this a few years ago but never got round to finishing it. I picked it up earlier intending to read a few pages and it is now 1.05am and I finished it a few minutes ago. Another unputdownable book from Jackie Collins. And, as I noted in The Love Killers, this book doesn't feel dated. Add a few mentions of Facebook, Twitter and some random L.A. zelebrities and this could have been written in 2013.

Unfortunately however, despite Ms. Collins being my favourite author I am yet to read the book from her that beats Chances. I firmly believe she peaked with that novel and nothing that followed it has been better. Some of her books have certainly come close, for example Lucky and American Star but Chances is the book I tell everybody to read and the book I could (and have) read multiple times without getting bored. So I always read Jackie's books remembering Chances and being disappointed that the book I am reading probably won't beat it.

That's not to say this isn't a good book because it is a fantastic book. I loved the characters of Lara and Joey however they did share similarities with characters from other books, for example American Star but I did feel that the story had enough originality for their characters to not be total copies of other Jackie creations. Nikki was a good character who I wish had been explored more. The same with Summer.

What I like most about Jackie's books is the detail she puts into them. Or at least the detail she used to put into them judging by her last few books. The main characters usually have italicized paragraphs which are usually about their history and in this book I was actually tricked by the italicized paragraphs when it comes out that it is about another character and not Joey Lorenzo as I thought. We learn about Lara's history and I find that it's details like this that make the story better and make you identify and warm to the characters that little bit more.

The ending of the book was a particular highlight and for the last 70 or so pages I couldn't read quick enough. Another thing I like about Jackie's books is the little 'recap' at the end, usually jumping forward a few months/years there are paragraphs about all the characters mentioned in the book and what they are up to following the events of the previous chapters. Thrill! is another fantastic read from Jackie and probably one of my favourites so far.