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Girl On The Run - Jane Costello This was my second time reading a Jane Costello, and, as with The Wish List, I absolutely loved it! If the rest of her books are this good she will definitely become a favourite author of mine! Her books are just a joy to read from start to finish. Admittedly the blurb for this book didn't sound too exciting and I did wonder how somebody could write a whole book about a woman joining a running club but after a few chapters it becomes clear that this book is so much more than that.

It is a story of friendships, relationships and family. Abby is the main character (who I loved). The opening chapters were very funny and as this is chick lit the book became incredibly predictable from there, however that's probably one of the more enjoyable things about chick lit, knowing that the character will always get their happy ending. I thought that Jane had created a fabulous cast of characters. And I liked the way that the story wasn't completely about Abby but that there were 'side stories' about her work colleagues and her mother and father. It was similar to The Wish List in that respect.

Also again the book was set in Liverpool which I loved. I recognise places when I read books set in London but I recognise them more in Liverpool because I am from there myself and I just found the whole experience of reading the book that bit more enjoyable imagining these characters running round the city that I live in. Once again though the characters do live in the more affluent areas but that's no problem! Part of the book however was set in Tenerife which didn't really help with me wishing I was escaping abroad this year (not to go running like Abby however).

Overall I loved this and cannot recommend it highly enough. I have more of Jane's books ready to read and hope that they are even half as good as this and The Wish List.