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Infamous: A Fame Game Novel - Lauren Conrad I am really disappointed with this book. And I was really looking forward to it. I think the problem is that they are written for a younger audience, and this one was actually shelved in the Children's section at my local library. As it isn't written for an adult audience some parts can come across as a bit boring and, compared to adults books, quite tame.

But I think the main problem is just the characters. I love Madison, despite hating her in LA Candy and I like Gaby even though she was hardly in this book! But it is Kate and Carmen I have the problem with, both of them are rubbish characters and I would rather watch paint dry than read about them. Neither of their story lives interested me one iota and Madison didn't really have any 'major' story lines. You could just read the Epilogue and you would know what happens without having to waste time reading the whole thing.

I don't know if the problem is because the book is written for younger readers as so was LA Candy and I loved those books but if Lauren is planning more books then I would prefer one for an older audience as I just think there is scope for more juicer stories and not the boring stuff written about here.