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All the Single Ladies - Jane Costello Okay, shocked at the ending but I didn't enjoy this book. I was massively disappointed in fact. I read Jane's latest book The Wish List last week and loved it. That was quickly followed by Girl On The Run which was fantastic, then My Single Friend which as I was reading it felt eerily similar to another book, that book is/was Jane's two books after My Single Friend (Girl On The Run and The Wish List). And this book also felt similar to those two books.

I know chick lit authors tend to stick to what they know, but all of Jane's books that I have read so far could seriously have had the same character in all of them! A twenty something career woman living in the nice part of Liverpool (no jokes please), having man trouble either with one man or multiple, with fantastic friends to give her advice and eating and drinking in the nice Liverpool bars (the woman in this one frequents a cafe which charges extortionate prices). I didn't really see anything original in the main character in any of these books where you could say, 'Yes, that's Sam' or 'Yes, that's Emma'. They were all copies of each other just with a different story taking place.

And the annoying thing is Jane's books have some great stories, it's just boring when they are essentially featuring the same characters. I prefer a bit of originality but that isn't present here. Sophie Kinsella is another one, her more recent books feature characters who are basically Becky Bloomwood. I loved The Wish List but feel that if I'd read Jane's books in order then this one would get five stars and it'd be The Wish List getting three. This book was enjoyable and as a standalone read, having not read any of Jane's other work my rating would probably be higher. It also pains me to give a Liverpool author such a bashing but I just can't see past the similarities between the characters. Perhaps, given that the women in Jane's books all frequent the same bars she could have had them bumping into each other to remind the reader that they aren't in fact the same person.