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Bad Angels - Rebecca Chance Having spent the last week and a bit reading all of Rebecca Chance's books before the release of [b:Killer Queens|18134378|Killer Queens (Kindle Edition)|Rebecca Chance|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1372355004s/18134378.jpg|25042093], I can now say that Bad Angels is the most outrageous of the lot! And definitely my favourite. It had a fantastic cast of characters and some unbelievable storylines.

I loved the setting of this book. Limehouse Wharf is a huge skyscraper in London housing apartments which only the vulgarly rich can afford. Next to the apartment block is the Canary Clinic where rich people come to have work done before recuperating inside Limehouse Wharf in one of the two apartments that the clinic own. Inside apartment one is Melody Dale, an actress coming home from LA to get her former face and former boyfriend back. Melody was probably my least favourite character and the one I cared least about. I also found her chapters too long and she wasn't really a relevant character in terms of story so all she did was make the book longer than it needed to be really.

Inside the Canary Clinic's second apartment is Jon Jordan, a former hitman. Looking after these two characters is Aniela, a Polish nurse having troubles of her own and who is more than happy to spend Christmas and New Year alone looking after these two patients. But of course she isn't alone for long once she meets the mysterious Jon Jordan. And it isn't long before the obligatory massive penis is out giving Aniela the multiple orgasms that Chance's characters never fail to have.

Also with an apartment in the Wharf is Grigor, a Russian oligarch who owns Kensington football club and is in town to throw a huge Christmas party for his football team. At the start of the book you find yourself wondering how all these characters are going to interact but it soon becomes clear with the introduction of Grigor's estranged wife who turns up at the door of Jon Jordan with a proposition. Other characters include Andy, the Wharf's concierge, Sergei, Grigor's right hand man and Wayne, England's most famous and best footballer. The book also features a gay storyline however I did find the writing for the gay characters to be a bit ridiculous especially the coming out scene. Wayne was scared of people finding out he is gay but he has a few drinks on NYE and suddenly comes out and turns dead camp? Idiotic and unbelievable.

Overall though the book was outrageous and immensely enjoyable which is all you want from books like this. It was a long read though and I did feel it could be shorter. I stand by what I said earlier though and this probably was my favourite Chance book so far, and finished just in time for the release of Killer Queens which promises to be another fantastic book.

One final thing I feel is worth mentioning is that whilst Chance's books are standalone reads, her characters appear to live in the same world. She likes mentioning previous characters in her books and in this one she practically gave away the whole plot of Bad Sisters in one paragraph. So people new to Rebecca Chance should start with Divas and read the books in order to avoid potential spoilers of other books.