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The Kill List - Frederick Forsyth This is my first Frederick Forsyth book and maybe it won't be my last as whilst I did enjoy this book I am led to believe that his earlier work is far superior so I am interested to check his earlier work out. The Kill List follows the Tracker (Kit Carson) as he tries to hunt down the Preacher who is radicalizing young Muslims to carry out assassinations around the world. The Preacher makes it personal to Kit meaning he will stop at nothing to hunt down this person.

The book felt quite short. There wasn't much action or suspense but I found the book felt incredibly realistic and that the storyline could happen in real life. Until the last part of the book however when it really picked up and I just had to reach the end! Some authors rely on being too over the top in their scenes, they have a death on every other page and their characters often find themselves in silly situations. Instead here we have a great character in Kit and despite it being a little mundane at times following him from a to b he was a fantastic character. However I feel had the book been a bit longer then we could have learnt more about Kit and indeed all the other characters that were in the book. I really liked the character of Ariel who is a computer nerd of sorts with Asperger's who is recruited by Kit in his quest to hunt down the Preacher.

I enjoyed reading about all the different intelligence agencies and how they came together in the hunt for the Preacher. One thing I didn't like is the author kept on writing paragraphs such as 'later, so and so would discover' or 'it wouldn't be until the next day that' etc and I'm not a fan of writing like this. (Those are made up quotes and not from the actual book). Also I'm not an expert in this field by any means and certain things just went straight over my head but I knew enough to be able to follow and enjoy this story and would definitely reccommend it.

Thank you to the publisher for the ARC via Net Galley