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Blood Work - Mark Pearson After starting and finishing Pearson's first book in just over a day I started this one yesterday and have just finished it. Another enjoyable read featuring Jack Delaney who I think is a fantastic character. After finishing this I am even more confused about the abandoned publication of Pearson's latest book. Do his books just not sell or did he leave his publisher? I can't seem to find out.

Anyway, as I said in my review for Hard Evidence it is very clear that Pearson was once a television scriptwriter. His books do read like an exaggerated episode of The Bill. There are also multiple stories taking place at the same time rather than just 'policeman tries to catch the killer'. What annoyed me about the book however was that there weren't any chapters, just 'Day One', 'Day Two' and 'Epilogue'. I hate putting a book down mid-chapter but I had to here as I didn't have the time to read 50% of the book in one sitting!

In this book we find out more about Delaney and certainly a lot more about how his wife died which we first read about in book one. His relationship with Kate is explored more in this book and I have to say that I really enjoy reading about these characters. I have another book queued up to read but Pearson's third Delaney book is near the top of my to read list and I am off to search some more about why Pearson's latest book was abandoned as I want to read more from this author! Highly recommended to fans of Mark Billingham and once again the city of London was just as much a character in this book as the actual characters.