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Me Before You - Jojo Moyes OH. MY. GOD. I am in no fit state to write a review for this book at the minute.

Okay. I feel ready enough to write some words about this book. I started it a few days ago after reading Jojo Moyes's newest (and unreleased book) The One Plus One. I first heard about Me Before You back when it was the latest must read book that everybody was raving about. I always find that books like these tend to be overrated and the fact that everyone else is reading them often puts me off. But, with over 2,500 5 star ratings on Amazon I had a fair idea that this book would be good. Good? It is one of the best books I have ever read.

Unfortunately I started it on Friday, I was in work on Saturday at 6 and Sunday at 7 so I had hardly any time to read it due to work and sleep. I ran a bath around 9.30, took my Kindle with me and emerged at 11.00 from a freezing cold bath and family members asking if I was still alive. I was lost in this story and had no awareness of time or the things going on around me the only thing that mattered to me was reaching the end of this book and finding out what happened to the characters. I couldn't even read the book near the end chapters because of the tears clouding my eyes and running down my face.

I would say that the cover and perhaps the blurb don't really do this book justice. They don't really give away the fact that this is one of those special books. A book that will stay with you for a long time. A book which doesn't really feel like fiction, and which actually isn't when you consider that there are people around the world in the situations described here. Books like this always make me think of those people who don't read and give the reason of 'well why would I read fiction, it isn't real'. That has to be the most stupidest thing anybody has ever said but I have heard it from people so many times. I would tell them to read books like this but it would just go over their heads. Then again if it was a film with some amazing man in the lead then who cares if it's fiction...

I loved this book. I experienced so many emotions whilst reading it. The characters were so well written. Especially Will. I loved some of his scenes with Lou and the way he called her by her surname. I also thought the mum was well-written, at first coming across as a bit cold and nasty it becomes clear that she just loves her son and would do anything for him. I laughed, I cried and I had no idea whatsoever of where I wanted the story to go. The last few chapters of the book especially were just heartbreaking. You think something is going to happen and then it doesn't and the last few paragraphs especially had me reeling. It was wonderfully written and either Moyes carried out some great research or is just a fantastic storyteller. The scenes with Lou speaking with other quadriplegics trying to find things to do with Will certainly spoke of someone who knows their stuff but then I can't tell as I don't know much about it.

And that is where this review ends and I will put the rest in spoilers for the people who have read the book just to put my thoughts down, not to debate or discuss reasonings for my opinions.

I have always said that I am for euthanasia. And I would say that this book hasn't changed my mind. However I am not sure how fairly this book represents quadriplegics and whether it sets a good example or not. When Emmerdale carried out an assisted-suicide storyline, there was outrage from within that community saying how it was an unfair representation and made out that quadriplegics were being shown as having no chance of a happy life. All I can say is it depends on the person. I don't believe those people who say that God chooses when you die. And that God cripples people for a reason. What the actual fuck is the reason for this? Sorry but there isn't one. And it's the actions of the people that didn't know Will, and the reporters trying to get their story. Yes it is terrible but these people aren't in that situation and it is so easy to be against it when you are fit and healthy. It's a nasty way to think but I always wonder how these people who are against euthanasia would feel if they were in this situation, or worse a situation where you were in immense pain. Anyway I'm rambling and talking about things I have no knowledge of except how I would feel in this situation.

It's odd to read a book which is essentially a love story but doesn't have a happy ending. But then it sort of does in the sense that Lou can build a happy life for herself. I didn't have a preferred ending to this book but felt that Will's letter could've been written to the reader themselves to remind them to live a happy life and stop taking the things for granted that people like Will would do anything to have. Anyway this book has left me in a state of shock and experiencing 101 emotions.