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Hollywood Husbands - Jackie Collins I thought with having read over 130 books this year and with the release of GTA V that I wouldn't get much reading done during my week off, I felt overwhelmed by the amount of words and books I have read this year. But with my target of 150 books in 2013 so close I decided to continue reading the books of my favourite author, Jackie Collins. I read Hollywood Wives: The New Generation a few days ago within 24 hours and when I started this, Hollywood Husbands I expected it to take a few days. 648 pages read in less than 24 hours. Readers block evidently doesn't exist, you just need to find the right book.

It did take me a while to get into the story, and I find this happens a lot with Jackie's books. Apart from the fantastic Lucky Santangelo books which all had me gripped from the first word. The introduction of a whole new set of characters can be a bit overwhelming especially as her books feature so many. But after 100 pages or so I couldn't stop reading, which resulted in me spending the whole day reading this book. Again the characters and the situations they find themselves in are pretty similar to Jackie's other books but it was still a fantastic read nonetheless. It was a long read but it didn't drag on. There was enough action to keep me reading and a fantastic and outrageous cast of characters. What I like about Jackie's books is you could read the opening chapters and the Epilogue and know the whole story. I love the Epilogues at the end of her books telling us what happened to each of the characters.

With the release of Jackie's latest book in a few days I am contemplating trying to fit another books of hers in over the next 24 hours... Once again she has proven why she is my favourite author. The Lucky books however are in a league of their own and will always remain my favourites. Also her books don't seem to age. Apart from a few things this book could easily have been set in the present day, rather than have been written many years before I was born. Which is more than you can say for some authors. However I can't elaborate further as I don't want my review to be deleted...